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Yes – there are underarm crutches, forearm crutches and gutter crutches. 

1. Underarm crutches

Also known as axillary crutches, underarm crutches should sit 2 inches below your armpit. Most popular in the US.

Woman in yellow coat leaning against wall with underarm crutches and leg in plaster

2. Forearm crutches

Also known as elbow crutches, these crutches have a cuff just below the elbow. These are the types of crutches I have always used in clinical practice in the UK. 

Young man in smart clothing learning how to use different types of crutches at home

3. Gutter crutches

Also known as forearm support crutches, these crutches are used for people who cannot weight bear through their wrist or hand, for example due to a wrist fracture. Weight goes through the forearm instead.

Man's arm holding gutter crutch handle with strap around forearm
Image by Henrik Smith via Wikimedia Commons

Check out ‘How to use crutches – the ultimate guide‘ for how to adjust and use the different types of crutches.

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